Sunday, 18 October 2015


What up 
For today's post I've decided to do a Halloween post and talk about the costumes that you can wear. So I'm only going to do a list of costumes
- A witch
- A vampire 
- Character of your fav movie or TV show
- Celebrity 
- Book character 

So there are some costumes that you can be and be sure to check out Mylifeaseva, Lardiy and Niki and Gabi for Halloween ideas

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Hey guys!
I missed you so much and Bali was sooooo... goooood. I'm just letting you guys know that I'm back and I'm ready to talk again. So please do not leave and keep on reading my posts. For my next post on Sunday I thought that I will talk about Bali a bit and talk about the difference between Bali and Australia. So please keep in touch and I will talk to you soon