Sunday, 30 August 2015


Hey guys,
I've been told recently about what is going to happen in The Avengers, Infinity War. So that gave me an idea to tell you guys. Here is what is going to happen... Captain America dies and Buckey takes over. Hulk goes crazy and he gets sent to space, so that's when guardians of the galaxy comes in. Also Thor leave to fix up his home because it get destroyed. Now I'm going to tell you who is going to be in it.
-Tony stark
-black panther
- Wolverine and many more

Monday, 24 August 2015


This is my first post on Instagram. Please and press that follow button and check out this post. I know I said I was going to post every week but there going to be my main posts and that one in the week are just going to be random one.


Sunday, 23 August 2015


Hi fans
Sorry it's late I've had a big day. I just wanted to tell you some youtubers that I watch. There's popular one and not so much poplular one. Here they are:
-Pointless Blog
-Oli White 
-Bethany Mota 
-Fabulous Hannah
-Tyler Oakley
-Niki And Gabi
-PrankvsPrank and
- Aspyn Ovard 

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Social Media

As you know I said that I would make a Instagram account and I have done that now. I've also have a Twitter account. Here are the accounts:


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hi guys. It's me MOLLER BLOGGER here. On this blog I'm going to be showing and explaining about Marvel, DIY and fashion. I'm also going to add some YouTube as well. I'm going to make a Instagram account for this blog. I'm going to be updating once a week so be checking it out when you can.